Cat and Dog Parasite Prevention in Arnold, MD

An important aspect of disease prevention is pet parasite control. This preventive measure, along with vaccinations and annual wellness exams, can ensure your pet’s safety and health from common ailments. There are several parasitic diseases that threaten the health of companion animals, and some of these diseases can be transferred to humans (zoonotic diseases). For example, roundworms can be transmitted to humans through pet feces, and fleas can infest your entire home. At Arnold Veterinary Hospital, we work with the residents of Arnold and surrounding regions to develop a year-round pet parasite prevention program to keep these pests from harming you and your loyal companion. Call us at (410) 757-7645 to schedule an appointment today.

What We Protect From

We protect your cat and dog from many dangerous parasites, most of which can be easily prevented. Regular wellness checkups every year help us prescribe pet parasite prevention products that keep your loyal companion happy and healthy.

Some of the parasites we protect from include:

  • Heartworms, which can become a serious condition that permanently damages organs.
  • Hookworms, which can easily infect and live in pet’s digestive tracts.
  • Roundworms, which are common in dogs and live in their intestines.
  • Ear mites, which cause red, itchy, irritated skin around pets’ ears.
  • Fleas, which can cause skin problems and other parasites in your pet.
  • Ticks, which can pass Lyme disease to your pet.
  • Whipworms, which left untreated can cause serious complications in your pet.

Staying Parasite-Free All Year Round

Since parasites can infect your four-legged friend at any time of the year, it’s important to defend your home against pet parasites as well. External parasites (fleas and ticks) may be less prevalent outside during the winter, but they can live inside your home where it’s warm. We can examine your pet’s activities, possible exposure points, and discuss your house and yard so we can control fleas and ticks more effectively. Internal parasites (heartworms, roundworms, and hookworms) can affect your pet all year, so it’s important to consult with us so you know the signs and symptoms. With our year-round preventive parasite program, Arnold Veterinary Hospital can keep everyone in your household safe. (410) 757-7645 to discuss pet parasite prevention today.