Dog and Cat Spay and Neuter in Arnold, MD

At Arnold Veterinary Hospital, we understand how big of a decision it is getting your pet spayed or neutered. The correct time for dog and cat spay and neuter surgery in Arnold, MD must be determined according to your animal’s lifestyle and breed. We thoroughly discuss pet spay and neuter surgery with owners in Arnold and surrounding areas.  By explaining the benefits for your pet and giving you detailed after-care instructions, we go above and beyond for our patients and clients. Call us at (410) 757-7645 to schedule an appointment today.

What are the Benefits of Pet Spay and Neuter Surgery

Spay or neuter surgery can bring incomparable benefits for your pet, but the decision must be weighed against any potential drawbacks. Some dog breeds, like golden retrievers, may be prone to certain cancers after spay or neuter surgery. Still, the medical and behavioral benefits of pet spay and neuter surgery are plentiful. Benefits include:

  • Females have a decreased incidence of breast tumors, which are often malignant.
  • The incidence of unwanted litters is decreased.
  • Females have a decreased incidence of ovarian and uterine cancer.
  • Males have a decreased incidence of prostate disease.
  • In males, the chances of developing testicular cancer are eliminated.
  • Urine spraying and marking behavior is reduced or eliminated in males and females.
  • Roaming behavior, which can result in your pet being lost or injured, is reduced or eliminated.

Taking Care of Your Pet Afterwards

Your pet’s comfort and safety are our priority during any surgery at our animal hospital. We stay with your pet as they come out of anesthesia and we’ll call you right away to let you know how they’re doing. Afterwards, we’ll send them home in your loving arms with the appropriate medication and pain medicine. Your pet will need some time to rest and recover at home. Some things to keep in mind include:

  • Give your pet a quiet place to recover for at least 24 hours.
  • Keep your pet relaxed and don’t let them run and jump for up to two weeks.
  • Distract your pet from licking the incision site with treats or use a medical collar.
  • Refrain from giving your pet a bath for at least 10 days or until sutures are removed.
  • Check the incision site daily and watch for any unusual redness, discharge or swelling.

Please contact us with any questions about pet spay and neuter surgery. We’re here for pets and their humans.