Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Arnold, MD

Cat and dog vaccines are just as essential for pets as they are for humans. They are safe and effective and offer protection against serious viruses and diseases—some of which can be fatal. Just like human vaccinations, pet vaccinations expose your pet to a replica of the real disease using antigens, which then stimulate the body’s immune system to create antibodies. As a result, if your pet is ever exposed to the real disease, their immune system is already equipped to fight it. Protect your pet by calling us at (410) 757-7645 or make an appointment online.

Preventing Illness with Cat and Dog Vaccinations

Cat and dog vaccinations are an important component of your companion’s preventive health care and we can update vaccinations at their next wellness visit at Arnold Veterinary Hospital. We encourage patients to bring their pets in for yearly wellness exams, because, like humans, your fur-baby needs regular check-ups. Because animal life spans are shorter, it’s perhaps even more important to bring them in for annual wellness care. The illnesses vaccines protect against are highly contagious and some are deadly. Diseases like rabies and lestospirosis can even be passed onto humans. Fortunately, advances in veterinary immunology have made common diseases preventable, and improvements are continuously being made to aid against other diseases as well.

Getting Your Cat or Dog Vaccinated 

Arnold Veterinary Hospital offers vaccines for rabies, distemper, feline leukemia, Lyme disease, and many other conditions. We’ll give your pet essential “core” protection from some of the most common animal diseases and assess your pet’s lifestyle to determine the rest. While rabies vaccination is required by law, we don’t want to over-vaccinate your pet and that’s why we look at their lifestyle.

Adult pets should be vaccinated once every year or every three years, depending on how social they are, how often they go outside, and how often they travel to other regions. Puppies and kittens should receive their initial round of immunizations between six and eight-week’s old. This is to ensure they are not left vulnerable to diseases that can wreak havoc on their not-yet developed immune systems. After this, fur-babies need boosters every three to four weeks until they’re about 15-week’s old. Please contact us at (410) 757-7645 with any questions about cat and dog vaccinations! We’re always here for the pets and people of Arnold and surrounding communities.