Pet Exams and Wellness Care in Arnold, MD

When it comes to pets, we believe the best way to treat an illness is to prevent it from ever developing. That’s why we advocate preventive care, including wellness exams for pets, vaccinations, and client education. The more you know about how to keep your pet healthy, the more equipped you’ll be to nurture him in ways only a loving parent can. Continuous preventative care is important as the healthcare needs of pets change with each life stage. Here at Arnold Veterinary Hospital, we recommend bringing your four-legged friend in at least once a year. For senior pets, more frequent veterinary visits are encouraged. These visits help us keep your pet healthy and prevent illnesses. Get started today by calling us at (410) 757-7645 or making an appointment online.

About the Wellness Exam for Dogs and Cats

During your pet’s wellness exam in Arnold, we’ll perform a thorough, nose-to-tail assessment to look for specific conditions and to determine his overall health. We’ll assess your pet’s:

  • Skin and coat
  • Body condition and weight
  • Eyes and ears
  • Mouth, teeth and gums
  • Urinary and reproductive systems
  • Cardiovascular system

The results of this wellness exam indicate if further action is necessary. We may recommend routine blood work, dental work, fecal exams, or further diagnostic testing. Since senior pets tend to be more at-risk for certain conditions like arthritis and diabetes, we typically recommend more frequent exams (bi-annual) for them or laboratory testing. We also administer any necessary vaccines and parasite control, which provide protection against viruses and diseases.

The wellness exam visit is the perfect time for you to let us know about any changes in behavior or lifestyle that you’ve noticed in your pet, or any other concerns or questions you have. Your input can guide our focus during the examination.

Dietary Counseling

Proper nutrition is just as important to your pet’s health as a routine examination or vaccinations, which is why we offer dietary counseling. We can provide you with helpful recommendations regarding which diet (prescription or non-prescription) will best fit your pet’s needs with consideration to health, age, and lifestyle. We can also offer special advice about diets for specific medical conditions, such as liver disease, diabetes, food allergies, and others.

To schedule your pet’s exam in Arnold, call us today at (410) 757-7645 or make an appointment online!